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Self employed mortgage guide.

A Hassle-Free Guide to Documents for Your Self-Employed Mortgage

Securing a mortgage when you're self-employed can be intimidating, especially when you're uncertain about the required documents. How do you demonstrate your business viability and assure lenders that your income is mortgage-worthy?

Our concise guide walks you through the essential Documents You'll Need for a Self-Employed Mortgage and provides tips on securing stellar mortgage offer with ease.

Understanding Self-Employed Mortgages

While mortgage products are the same for all applicants, the key difference lies in proving income. For employed individuals, it's straightforward – payslips and a P60. But for the self-employed, it's a bit more intricate. This guide, coupled with a knowledgeable Mortgage Broker experienced in self-employed cases, streamlines the process.

What Documents Are Required?

Document requirements vary based on your business structure – sole trader, partnership, limited company director, or contractor. Engage your accountant early, informing them of your property plans. For Sole Traders and Partnerships:

  • SA302 forms from HMRC

  • Self-Assessment Sole Trader accounts (last two or three years)

  • Business and personal bank statements (last three months)

  • ID documents (passport, driver’s licence)

  • Council tax bill, utility bills, and a credit report

For Limited Company Directors:

  • Finalised Limited Company Accounts (recent and previous tax years)

  • Self-Assessment accounts (if additional self-employed income)

  • SA302 forms from HMRC

  • Director payslips, dividend drawdown slips

  • Business and personal bank statements (last three months)

  • ID documents and a credit report

Boosting Your Lender Approval Chances

Increase your chances of approval with these steps:

  • Ensure accuracy on the Electoral Register

  • Maintain a good credit score and clear outstanding debt

  • Consider a higher deposit (15-20%) for a more favourable mortgage offer

As experienced Mortgage Brokers, we assist self-employed individuals in securing mortgages from various lenders. Starting a conversation with us about your property plans gives you a head start. We simplify the process by helping you compile necessary documents and submitting them, along with your mortgage application, to the lender. Our expertise ensures a smooth experience.

Ready to navigate the world of self-employed mortgages effortlessly?

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