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Gen H and Google Cloud joined forces to use AI for mortgage applications.

GenH teams up with google.

A mortage advisors dream. This new tool uses fancy AI to make the whole process of applying for a mortgage a whole lot smoother. It's like having a really clever assistant to help out!

The cool thing about this tool is that it helps brokers send and check all the paperwork for their clients in one go. It sorts everything neatly and even spots any problems, so brokers don't have to spend ages talking to the decision-makers. This means less time waiting around for both brokers and decision-makers. Plus, it's a step toward making computers do the job of confirming people's incomes automatically.

At first, they gave this nifty tool to their special group of top brokers, the Club. But they're planning to share it with all their 15,000+ mortgage brokers across England and Wales soon!

But wait, there's more! Gen H is also working on more upgrades for the application process. They want to give instant feedback on how things are going and check people's incomes in real-time. These updates are expected to be ready by January 2024.

Adrian Poole from Google Cloud is pretty thrilled about this partnership. He says that by using their smart technology, Gen H can help more people in the UK achieve their dream of owning a home. They want to make the whole loan process easy, clear, and fair for everyone.

Gen H has been cooking up tools for their partners since 2021, like a tool to check how much someone can afford, a rules centre, and a fancy case management tool.

Pete Dockar from Gen H believes that technology plays a huge role in making customers happy. They're all about giving their partners the best tools to keep customers smiling. They're excited about teaming up with companies like Google Cloud and Experian to make this happen. They can't wait to share this awesome tool with all their brokers and add even more cool features soon!

We think this will be awesome to help speed up the process of applying for your mortgage.


Ape head mortgage advisor
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